January 10th, 2019


I started these works late last year after taking a five-year break from exhibiting to devote myself to starting, and growing, together with my partner, Frits van Ryneveld, the Darling Sweet brand of toffees and caramels.

In these works I continue to explore themes and art-making techniques by now firmly entrenched in my art; the landscape as motif combined with autobiographical references, text, layering, stitching and embroidery. In the making of these works I appropriated an existing collection of found photographs, as is often the case in my work, which were then transformed during the act of making so as to imbue these with an entirely new and different set of meanings and resonances. Here I worked with digital wildlife surveillance photographs which I received from my brothers, and which were made on the farm in Namibia where I spent my youth. The different texts incorporated into the works are from different sources; most were written by myself while there are instances where I appropriated existing texts, such as in the work “The horse” wherein I re-tell, in my own words, the Nama folktale “The girl who fell in love with a horse”.