October 9th, 2012

DM 24.02.2006 - 23.02.2007, 2007

Video-sequence displayed on a television-screen.
Dimensions variable.

2007: Spier Contemporary Exhibition, Africa Centre and Cape and Johannesburg Art Gallery

In February 2006 I started two ongoing daily activities that would deliberately be undertaken separately from each other. Each day I buy a copy of a daily newspaper from the city in which I find myself. In Antwerp it is De Morgen, from which the work derived its title, and from whose front pages most photographs for the current excerpt were taken. The second activity involves noting down my daily personal experiences and actions in a diary entry of each day (deliberately without having seen the image on the front page of that day’s edition of the newspaper). The final action involves combining the diary entry with the largest photograph on the front page of that day’s newspaper edition.