October 13th, 2012

"These feelings of guilt are not natural to the human being.", 1994

Electrical lights, display-mannequin parts, paint, medical gauze and toweling, embroidery, inkjet prints on plexiglass and plastic, brass ringlets.
Installation dimensions variable.

1994: Wits University Fine Arts Department.

My work is the result of the outrage and frustration engendered by prejudice and social injustice in a time when every 30 seconds a human life is lost to Aids. Although I mourn the deaths of the thousands already lost to the epidemic, I will nevertheless go on to celebrate the love, friendship, and sex that happens between men as one of the most beautiful things in life. I will not allow myself to indulge in the views of pathetic moralists who claim the epidemic to be some kind of divine retribution as a result of queer promiscuity, which can only lead to a sorry state, but rather will I celebrate and enjoy those moments with friends and lovers that make life worth living.
In my work there is a search for a redefinition and re-evaluation of my own perception of matters such as life, death, sex, aging, the body and spirituality. I think that the Aids epidemic is one of the main concerns for a need to think and live life differently. Aids then becomes, not the unfortunate and fatal disease that is threatening human existence, but part of our postmodern condition which requires a whole new mindset and the way we perceive time and relate to each other as human beings.
- Johannesburg, September 1995